Another Review

One of the things that Good Reads tells authors is not to focus on the negative reviews. I’ve been checking for more reviews and I found one. I spent the first couple of nights because I didn’t really know what to think. It wasn’t negative, but it wasn’t positive either. It was emotional. One of the things I strived for in this book was to make sure the reader would feel along with the main character. With that kind of review, I believe I have accomplished what I set out for. That makes me happy, especially as I keep checking Good Reads and I see more and more people marking my book as a book to read. I also see the number of people entering the Good Reads Give Away rising. And I love it!

To celebrate, I’ve decided I’m going to do another Give Away. In fact, I’ll do a give away a month until “Dark Road Awakened” comes out. Then I’ll start giving away both books. I’m excited!

If you have entered the Good Reads Give Away, go check it out. There’s still time.

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