I’m sitting here working on an aesthetics essay for my Creative Writing seminar and I find it interesting that as I write it I’m forced to think about a couple of the reviews I’ve read. I’ve heard there are negative reviews and that there is no such thing as a negative review. I feel like I can agree with both, except something a friend of mine said earlier sticks out to me.

She said it wasn’t a necessarily a negative review because I made the person feel something with my book. I keep coming back to that statement because I agree. Of all the goals I had with my book, the entire point of the story was for my readers, my audience to feel something. It didn’t make a difference if it made the person upset, annoyed, or even angry; as long as they felt something.

I bring this back to my essay because my entire point is what makes a writer? I wrote a book – does that make me a writer? I worked with an editor – does that make me a writer? I published a book – does that make me a writer? This is likely different for every person out there, but for me it isn’t the book that made me a writer. It was the response. It was the accomplishment of making people feel something.

I’ve said what makes a good book is one that pulls you into the story. Now I’m saying what makes a writer is one that makes you feel something.

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