Cover Reveals Coming Soon!

A few days ago I got an e-mail from my publisher asking my thoughts on the book covers for “Awakened” (coming out Oct 2014) and “Punished” (coming out Dec 2014).

As authors our first thought is the story. Getting the story just right will be hardest thing we’ll ever have to do. Wrong! So wrong. Being an author/writer is so much more than just writing a good story. Now, we have to become conceptualist, marketers, publicist, and more. So when I got the e-mail asking my thoughts, these were my responses.

Response # 1: Drawing a blank.

Response # 2: Still drawing a blank.

Response # 3: Yep, still drawing a blank.

Response # 4: I’ve thought about it for a couple of hours at this point and I kept coming back to one thing – the characters. They are the story, so I responded to her e-mail with my thoughts. The characters should be on the cover and there should some kind of representation of the dark road they are about to travel down.

Now, I wait. I wait for the artist to come up with something based on what I’ve suggested and what they have learned about me over the past week. The fun part, once the covers are set, all of you readers get to see them. And that is exciting!

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