The Neumarian Chronicles, Escapement Review


There was so much going on with this novel when I started reading it, I had a serious overload of questions. What is this Great War? What started it? Obviously it ended badly. How did a Queen come out of it? What’s the difference between humans, Neumarians, and Katians? Aside from Katians can use technological implants and Neumarians have powers. They can apparently pass for human. I figured since this is the first novel in the series, like any good series, more will be revealed as each book is read.

I had a little trouble with the language, mostly because one of the characters stammered and it was shown (a lot) and some of the characters didn’t always speak in complete sentences. Once I got past the quirks of the different races, I found I loved it. There was never a shortage of action, a lot of lip locking, and various versions of evil. Although this is a fantasy novel, the story pulls from our own history and gives a new outlook on slavery, torture and civil war. In this novel, there are two sides – those who support the Queen and those who oppose her. Electronic collars have been placed around the necks of Neumarians for the purpose of enslavement, control, and in some cases death. In most cases, the lines of good and evil are black and white; while in others, there are obvious shades of gray. The hero, Ryder, learns this is ways you never see coming. The heroine, Semara, already seems to know this, but learns a few things herself. In the end, I’m looking forward to see what happens next.

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