The Neumarian Chronicles, Pendulum Review

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After “Escapement” I was eager to see where the story went from there. Semara, Raeth, and Ryder have accomplished their first mission. Now they have to get to the land location of the ENR and stay alive. Unfortunately, that becomes easier said than done. Not only do they have to avoid the Queen’s scout ships, they also have to figure out who they can really trust. Sadly, it isn’t the council of the ENR.

Like the first novel, “Pendulum” was filled with action and more lip-locking between Semara and Ryder, and even Raeth and their new found techno-wizard Penton. While the action was great, it wasn’t overwhelming to the point the story got lost. More information was learned about what started the Great War, plus information on how the Katians and Neumarians came about. I’ve come of think of Neumarians like Marvel’s Mutants. They each have a power they are born with. While not all of them are revealed, some are. Semara controls metal, Ryder gives and takes life energy, and Raeth controls the elements. Then there are characters like Dred, who can prevent other Neumarians from using their powers, and Harrison (Semara’s father) who can read and communicate via the mind.

I liked “Pendulum” better than I liked “Escapement.” For me, “Escapement” was full of action and tended to override the story a little, but “Pendulum” made up for that. There was a fair amount of action, but more story than anything else. This made the book and definitely made me want to read the final book in the series.

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