Cover for “Destroyed” is revealed!

Today was a wonderful and glorious day! Last week I sent an e-mail to my publisher and I asked her about the cover for Destroyed. She’s still waiting on it. I figured by now they would have something, especially since what they gave me before was … I’ll be nice, it was crap. I have to say I was amused when my publisher agreed with my initial assessment on the last cover presented. Back to today. I was getting ready for my photo shoot (got to have pictures of the author for the book) and I decided to check my e-mail. Inside there was an e-mail from my publisher with the new and improved cover. I loved it! I felt like they finally got it right. So, here and now I reveal the cover for Destroyed. Keep an eye out for the cover of Punished. It will be revealed soon.


Cover for Destroyed


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