Review of Bad Dreams by Brantwijn Serrah


When I offered to read and post an honest review of Bad Dreams, the author asked me if I was okay reading Paranormal Erotica/Dark Erotica. I happen to be a huge fan of Black Dagger Brotherhood and I role-played when I was younger. Of course, I told them I had no issues. Unfortunately, I felt like I ran into nothing, but issues with Bad Dreams. The title is apt because this almost seems like a bad dream.

The truth is I expected so much more than I got. I had not realized this was 22 pages. I truly thought this was intended as a novel, not a short story. And unfortunately, not all short stories can stand alone by themselves. This is one of them. My suggestion to the author is to consider including this a collection of short stories that all reference back to the series.

Spoilers included, continue reading at your own risk. The story jumps right into the issue of Priya and her inability to sleep because this unknown force shows up in her dreams and seduces her. We get to skip through most of the length of time these dreams have been going on. The story goes into where she realizes she enjoys these erotic moments at night. Like I said I have no problem with Paranormal Erotica, but I felt like this was all Erotica and some non-existent Paranormal. Everything is seen through Priya’s eyes, we only known as much as she does. We see the creature and its tentacles when she does. We see its fangs when she does (at which point I assumed this was a vampire, which is not correct). This is the problem I run into. With it all from her point of view, we have no information or access to this creature at all. What is this creature? (I didn’t know it was an Incubus until the author told me). What about Priya did this creature find attractive? Why did this incubus choose her? Why did the creature want to change her? How did he become an incubus?

These aren’t the only questions I found I had. I wanted to know more about Priya too. Her love life with her husband is described as basically bland and boring. The indication is that it has always been like that. So why did she marry him? Was she settling when she did? Or was she okay with what she had at the time? Which then makes me wonder what time period this story is set in? There isn’t enough information in the novel to clue me into any answers to these questions.

So far, you get the idea. A lot of questions and no answers. This was my major problem. By the time I got to the end of the story, I was like – that’s it? I said it before and I’ll say it again. I wanted more. No pun intended. Overall, I give this a 3 out of 5 stars.

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