Destroyed, Punished, Addicted, and Betrayed


Sounds like a bad day, right? It isn’t. Destroyed, Punished, and Betrayed are the first three novels in my Dark Road Series. There is some time that takes place between Punished and Betrayed. As I start working on the outline for Betrayed, it occurred to me that there was a lot that takes place between the two novels. So I wondered if it could be included in Betrayed. I thought more about that, especially when I experienced something similar with Punished. That is when I decided I had to put the information together so it couldn’t be disputed and I came up with Addicted. Now, I don’t plan on it being a novel, but instead a novella. I really only see certain things that have to be included, so it should take half the length of a normal novel. I’m figuring between 100 -150 pages. Now, I haven’t discussed this with my publisher, but I feel like she will be on board. Are you?

If you want to start this series, Destroyed is available for purchase. Click here for purchase. Punished releases December 5, 2014.

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