Review of Reawakening by Lisa McCourt Hollar


I happen to be an avid reader of paranormal novels and I love them best when they take the usual and make them new. This novel does just that and it jumps right in to all the good stuff. Spoiler alert, continue at your own risk. The main character Francine believes she is living in a normal world, but easily accepts the supernatural surrounding her when she is bitten by a vampire and saved by an angel. (I’ll come back to that later.) Most myths say to become a vampire you have to be bitten by one and fed their blood. Now, I have also read a series where you are either born a vampire or not, you just transition when you turn about twenty-five. This author alters the myth and little and makes it so that a vampire can turn a human, but has to bite them three times to complete the transformation. Each bite of course creates a stronger link between the vampire and human/soon-to-be-vampire. Now initially the vampire, ironically named Hunter, intends to kill Francine, but for reasons I won’t reveal doesn’t.  As Francine discovers she is actually surrounded by angels, werewolves, vampires, psychics, evil-spirits, seers (or so I will call them) and witches, she not only begins to understand herself, but her life. This was a wonderfully written and exciting first book to the series. I look forward to seeing what develops.

On a side note, I also happened to love the humor. I myself I have cracked a joke or two in my own work about the sparkling vampire. I happened to love the fact that the angel sparkled.

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