Review of “Echoes” by PJ Roscoe


If you know anything about me as a critic, you know I’m harsh, but honest. I review the same way I live my life. I speak my mind, but I try be as constructive as possible. Now, with this particular novel, there were a couple things I tried to keep in mind. Number 1, the grammatical differences were bound to be there because the author and I write from different sides of the pond. Number 2, this was certainly outside of my normal genre, but I guaranteed a review, and I follow through on my word.

Here’s the book description first, then I’ll proceed with my review. Bronwen Mortimer moves to a secluded cottage on the outskirts of a lonely village near Shrewsbury, England, hoping to start a new life after suffering years of abuse; but the echoes of the land will not lie quietly and when she witnesses a murder, she must face her past and win, to have any hope of living in the present. A supernatural, historical thriller, moving between present day and the 15th century, when Henry Tudor claimed the throne of England. There were many casualties of war, but some refuse to be forgotten.

As always, your one and only SPOILER alert warning.

Bronwen Mortimer, a rather likeable character. Quiet at first, for obvious reasons based solely on the prologue. The girl clearly suffered years of sexual abuse, then after killing her father (in self-defense), she was shipped off to her only remaining relative, an aunt. Unfortunately she endured more abuse because the woman refused to believe her brother had been capable of something so awful. Then her aunt passes leaving Bronwen on her own. It’s new and foreign. She’s determined to find her way.

One of my favorite parts, I won’t tell you where it’s at, but the realtor who rented Bronwen the cottage is a HUGE douche-bag. Actually, there are several terms I’d use to describe him: dick-wad, asshole, butt-face, but I don’t want to give everything away. Anywho! So. He’s run into Bronwen in the city and has convinced himself that she wants to sleep with him. He’s been trying to get into her pants for a while now. Just when things seem bleak and he’s got her cornered, she nails him right in the nads. Bronwen 1 Dick-wad 0. And then who does she run into, but the guy whose cottage she has rented.

Despite my problems with the grammar and the point of view discrepancies, plus some of the other things I would’ve liked to have seen done with this novel, the story was what made the book worth the read. There was a lot of suspense, some great ghost stories, and f you’re a fan of historical fiction, then it’s definitely up your alley. I give “Echoes” by PJ Roscoe 3 stars.

American site – Purchase “Echoes”

UK Site – Purchase “Echoes”

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One thought on “Review of “Echoes” by PJ Roscoe

  1. Thanks for the review Krys, really appreciate that it wasn’t your usual genre, but you read it and liked it. yes grammar across the ponds can be a little hard to get used to, but diversity is what makes this world go around!


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