Whose job was it?

suicideMy sister has been watching reruns of Glee on Netflix for the last few weeks. Today I was sitting there watching an episode that’s emotional for me.

Karofsky attempted suicide because of the comments he’d received on his Facebook page about being gay. He’d been bullied for being different. While this got to me, what I found profound was what followed as the glee coach, cheerleader coach, football coach, and guidance counselor gathered in the principal’s office to discuss the situation. Watch it here.

Coach Sue has stated that she should’ve done more and the principal responds, “It’s not our job.” To which the guidance counselor asks, “Then whose job is it?”suicide_rate_in_bc_2000_to_2014

With teen suicide on the rise, whose job is it to help stop the problem? Whose job is it to do something?

It’s everyone’s job.

Friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, parent, family, teacher … it doesn’t matter your position, it’s your job.

If you know that someone close to you is having difficulty dealing with a situation or is facing ongoing issues, don’t stay quiet. img_1280Don’t brush it off. Talk to someone! Do whatever is in your power to get them help.

You don’t have to understand how they could get to such a dark place that they don’t see another way out. But you do need to be supportive. You do need to help them believe they have a future waiting on them. Something to look forward to in the future. Something that won’t happen if they aren’t here in this world.

It only takes one knock on the door to change a person’s life.

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