Write What You Know

Guest Blog Post by David A. Lindsay

DavidI heard an urban legend, I don’t know how true it is, that Mark Twain advised a would be writer to “write what you know.”  And that writer did go on to become quite well-known.  I’ve written ten books so far, most of them on www.DavidALindsay.com.  My best selling book is so adult you almost can’t find it online, that’s on www.ForeverAndEverAndEver.net under a pen name – everyone who has read the first page of the free sample has bought the book.
“Star Trek: The Second Cube” is about the Borg invasion of the Klingon Empire and can’t be published due to trademark issues, so I give it away free with any proof of purchase.  My “Lost from Atlantis” series has the most universal appeal, about a 14 year old girl thrown back to 1197 A.D. Europe and she has to use her modern knowledge to carve out a niche for herself without being burned at the stake.  But I think the book that is most important, the one will endure the longest, is “Broken: What it’s Like to be Insane.”
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“Broken” is about someone I met a long time ago who was mildly psychotic.  She heard that I was both a writer and had a degree in psychology so she wanted me to tell her story.  I spoke to her at length and it took me three months to come up with a concept, something the general public could relate to, something that everyone could understand, a way to really know what it was like to be Her.

I wrote that “Microbook” – a term I coined which is basically a book that’s very short – all information, no fluff – why waste everyone’s time with a 500 page novel when you only need a few pages of information.  She read it, said it was perfect, and didn’t want to know anything about it ever again.  She found an exotic medicine, the first that actually works for her, and she has been stable for over a year now.  She prefers not to reflect on that part of her life and I don’t blame her.
Write what you know, write what you’re passionate about.  sculptorSculptors always say “The statue was always there, I just had to release it.”  I never understood that until I started writing.  It’s like mining – you mine until the vein runs out, sometimes you get gold, sometimes you get copper.  I Have to write, I couldn’t stop if I wanted to – the story Has to come out.  Sometimes the story comes so fast I can’t type it all out so I type out notes and fill in the details later when the stream stops, sometimes weeks later.
Good luck to you all.
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