Foreign Authors

Guest Post by Maria Vermisoglou

mariaToday I am going to talk about foreign authors. Some authors for various reasons write their books in English even if it’s not their first language. Being one of them I am going to try to help as much as I can. This blog post is for them.

After finishing the manuscript, you think, “I am done.” Not quite. Since I am a self-published author I am going to talk more about that process. I didn’t know anything about how things were in English talking countries so that involved a lot of research. I found out that Createspace, a self-publishing company was my best option. Everyone said it was free. But is it?

Not really. You need to hire an editor, an illustrator and sometimes a person to do the formatting.

  • Every author—even those who publish in their language—need an editor. An editor is more important than anything. No book is perfect but a good-looking book is the one with the fewest mistakes. Your book must be looking at its best. After editing the manuscript, yourself then you send it to the editor and while you wait, you can start on another
  • Your manuscript can’t be looking like a draft.
  • A good cover makes a good book. The cover must draw your reader in. There are a lot of illustrators who can create covers for little money. Also, you can order a premade cover.
  • Beta readers. They are essential to every author. Some are getting paid and some do it for free. You should have at least three beta readers. Make sure you are picking people who read the genre you are writing or unfortunately you are going to get some bad critiques.

That’s it. You are done. You, have read your novel so many times that you know every line of it so that’s a sign you are in the last step.

  • Submit to the self-publishing company. Read the guidelines and after everything is done hit PUBLISH. Congratulations!

Are you done? No! now, comes the hard part: marketing. As a new author, nobody knows you so you have to make people know you. Participate in contests and awards. Ask reviewers, book tubers, and other authors to review your book.

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Make blog posts, author interviews and generally promote your book. Start a website and get on social media. Update regularly. Go to book fairs if you can. A lot of us live in our countries and English books are hard to be found so it’s not always an option but if you get the opportunity, don’t hesitate.

  • Get involved to get noticed. Help to get help. Help your fellow authors so they can help you. Offer to help for free. Make promos and giveaways. The public loves giveaways. Make one and you will gain followers. Every day, post something. It might be related to your writing, books or a joke. People respond.

I wish good luck to every author and don’t be scared. You might see a dark tunnel and you think you are not going to make it but you will. There are millions of self-published authors around you. They made it so why not you?


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