Beautiful and Strong Women

Guest blog by Kimberly Hockaday

kimcolorpicI have been sitting at my desk trying to decide how to write about my new poetry book Beautiful,Strong Women:Poems of The Journey To Overcoming Domestic Violence. I decided to not focus on trying to sell my book. Instead, I want to use my opportunity as a Guest Blogger to discuss some very courageous women. These women I do not personally know and then again maybe I do know them. Just like you may know these women too. These women are young, old, and of different races. These women are all over the world. They live in Domestic Violence Shelters. These women were once victims of abuse until finally finding the courage and strength to escape. I want to talk about these women because even though they have escaped from a dangerous situation, they still need help from the community.

Most all of shelters housing women are kept up by donations. These women have been through a lot and still fighting to start a new life. Inside these shelters they receive every support and service needed to start a new life. But while they are living in these shelters, basic everyday supplies are needed. Most of these women escaped with just the clothes on their back and maybe a few things that they were able to grab before going on the run to safety.  If you would like to help these courageous women, you can donate money or items. You can simply call your local shelter and ask what is needed or you can go to their website and see what items  the shelters seek.

National Hotline 1-800-799-7233

Not only do these shelters house women but these women also arrive with children. These children need items too. So anything that you know a child needs, you can also donate. I ask you to not forget about these women and the children. These women have been through a lot of  horrible things but found the strength to say no to another day of abuse.

One of the poems in my book is entitled “Sisters United.” It begins “We are sisters united/ Together we stand tall/Violence against one/Is Violence against us all.” Domestic Violence is a serious problem that we all should work together in fighting.

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Domestic Violence effects everyone especially the children who get caught up in it. This is why I decided to write my poetry book. I wanted to help shine a light on the issue, applaud the women who made it out, and to memorialize the women who were not able  to survive the abuse.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Beautiful,Strong Women:Poems of The Journey To Overcoming Domestic Violence, it is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble website. I thank you in advance for purchasing a copy and asked that once you have read it, that you donate your copy to a local Domestic Violence Shelter. I have donated a copy to my local Domestic Violence Shelter and I can personally tell you that these women will appreciate it.


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