Outtakes – They truly exist

Every book, play, movie, and song has an outtake. Something that just didn’t make it in. Either because it slowed the work in question down or it simply did nothing for the piece. Either way, they all have them. And in some cases the outtake is funny, which makes it more of a blooper thanContinue reading “Outtakes – They truly exist”

It’s Just Business

Last October, towards the end of the writer’s conference I was attending, I was sitting down at breakfast and having a discussion with another author about being independently (Indie) published or self-published. We agreed that it wasn’t possible for an Indie author to be successful without thinking about publishing as a business. Now this couldContinue reading “It’s Just Business”

In Your Pocket

In this day and age there are so many books out there, the ultimate question asked by every reader of every author is, “What makes your book different?” While I don’t want to say that question is impossible to answer, it can be difficult to answer. Even though books often share similarities with one another,Continue reading “In Your Pocket”

Stephanie Plum is Plum Dry

I have been a fan of Janet Evanovich since I read the first Stephanie Plum novel. It was a nice little fun mystery about the world’s worse bounty hunter. Then again, I’m not sure Stephanie is good at much of anything, except for her inability to decide on a guy. Of course, I’m a fanContinue reading “Stephanie Plum is Plum Dry”


A couple of weeks ago in one of my classes, we had to create a discussion post analyzing everyday text using the literary theory we had just learned about. One of my classmates chose to address the Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why. Now, I haven’t seen the series yet, but I’ve read the book so IContinue reading “Self-Inflicted”

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Light has been shed on the rising problems with social issues among young adults. Suicide, drug addiction, depression, and sexual assault are just a few that are in the media. These aren’t topics that are new, they are just becoming less taboo at the dinner table. Something that we can openly discuss. At least that’sContinue reading “Let Your Voice Be Heard”

Always More to Learn

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of joining so many authors, editors, and publishers at the Florida Writer’s Association Annual Conference. Sounds like a mouthful doesn’t it? Yeah, it’s a lot to say, but the great thing is I learned so much from it. It was only my second year attending and yet I tookContinue reading “Always More to Learn”

Let’s Get Real

The other day I was going through my Facebook posts and I came across one that had a generator for self-publishing. I took the quiz just to see if it would even come close to what I had spent. It wasn’t entirely accurate, but it wasn’t too far off either. Later that day I’m readingContinue reading “Let’s Get Real”

Rating Success

How do you rate success? There is no easy way to answer that. It all depends on the person. Everybody looks at success differently. Depending on what is most important to a particular individual. If you’re someone who rates motherhood higher than a job, then you might consider yourself successful if you raise happy andContinue reading “Rating Success”

All About the Climb

Most writers don’t wait for inspiration. They make it happen. Doesn’t mean a story happens overnight. It takes time and hard work.  I just got off the phone with my editor and we were talking about time. She had given me an initial deadline of this evening for the first half of Addicted. Hurricane IrmaContinue reading “All About the Climb”