All About Me


Krys Fenner is a passionate Fiction Author (Dark Road Series) who is based in Jacksonville, Florida. She has also resided in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Columbus, Ohio for a brief time.

Hailing from Daytona, Krys’ unwavering passion for storytelling began early on in her life. She started creating fantastical worlds in high school, but soon started dabbling in taboo topics—some of which she has experienced personally.

Today, Krys is on a mission to raise more awareness about these difficult subjects through her writing, and to ultimately help others overcome the many challenges they have faced in their own lives. Currently, she serves as a leader of a writers’ critique group. In the near future, she will be crafting a fantasy series.

Throughout her creative career, Krys has authored two books and has had numerous poems published in multiple anthologies. Furthermore, she holds an Associate of Arts in Psychology and she is working towards obtaining her B.A. degree.

When she isn’t writing, Krys can be found at the beach relaxing or in the kitchen cooking and baking. She is also an avid traveler and bookworm. Infinitely dedicated to her community, she is a Member of the Florida Writer’s Association and a Paw Pal with Vitas Healthcare, where she and her dog visit the elderly to brighten up their day. However, one of Krys’ favorite activities of all is spending quality time with her best friend in dog form, Bones.


Below are the tattoos I’ve gotten over the years that I feel document my journey. There are some not shown (recent additions). Those will be added soon.


I’m also all about my family. They are the most important people in the world to me, next to my dog (Bones) and my cat (Bishop). Can’t you tell how much we love each other?