Dark Road Series

When darkness creeps into Bella’s life, finding an anchor in Jeremiah is her only hope of survival.
There is no way David can repair Bella’s shattered heart, not without risking his own.
Bella will do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves, even if it costs her life.
No matter how hard David and Aurora fight, her past threatens to burn them both alive.


For Niamh, discovering her powers is only half the battle; saving her family is the other.
Niamh must find a way home before her realm suffers and the truth dies with her disappearance.

Love’s Worth Series

Falling in love with your best friend’s sister can make you a little unhinged.
As Ezzie and Luke fight for her innocence, try as they may, they can’t avoid the flame
**Coming Spring 2022**

Prisma Isle Series

When the trumpets of destiny are blown, two young heroines must summon the strength to turn the tides of fate.

Fairytale Retellings Series

Her secret set her on a collision course with a beast.


How do you say goodbye, when it’s forever?
He died for her protection, but true love never really dies.