Orkut vs. Facebook

Both social networking site, Orkut and Facebook, were launched in 2004. I find this interesting as I look at the two sites together and their obvious similarities, especially as Orkut shut down in September 2014 and Facebook is still going strong. Orkut was popular in Brazil. Its “original purpose was for users to find communitiesContinue reading “Orkut vs. Facebook”

One Stop App

It has been said that you have to know your audience before you choose the social media sites to be active on. Not only that, but you also have to know what your audience needs and how that applies to your product. That doesn’t mean you just want to pick one, but it means findContinue reading “One Stop App”

Breast Cancer Cyberactivism

Social media is used for a number of different reasons. It isn’t just about connecting or staying in touch with family. Individuals have begun to use it as a way to call for activism or “to promote a particular cause or charity” (Mahoney, 2017, p. 71). Even Facebook has come to encourage this by offeringContinue reading “Breast Cancer Cyberactivism”

A Frame Checkout

I wear contacts and on occasion, glasses. I’ve worn some form of corrective lenses since I was a child. Of all the things I remember most about those yearly visits, it isn’t the eye drops that make it so you can’t see anything, the blinding light in your eyes as the doctor checks your pupils,Continue reading “A Frame Checkout”

Dark Themed Books

I have been asked on multiple occasions about writing about dark themes like rape, drug addiction, suicide, and depression. It isn’t always why do I write about them, but how I go about writing such emotional issues and what kind of toll it takes on me personally. Often when asked about this I will speakContinue reading “Dark Themed Books”

An Excerpt Goes a Long Way

These last two weeks have been all about my second book, Damaged. And while the excerpts I shared have been great, I thought I’d give you a little treat. For those of you who have read Damaged you know that there is an opening of Avenged included in the end. Now, this of course was included before myContinue reading “An Excerpt Goes a Long Way”

Edit Like a Writer

I have been working diligently on book three, Avenged. And of course, this doesn’t just mean writing the missing parts, but it also means editing what’s been written. The one part most writers hate, usually because they never want to take anything out. It’s kind of like the idea of killing off a character that you’veContinue reading “Edit Like a Writer”

Vanity Publishers

Here lately in my FaceBook feed, I’ve seen a lot of information about Vanity Presses/Publishers. If you’ve never heard of the term, beware you may have been victim to one. Let me start off by saying what I hope you HAVE heard: no agent or publisher should ask you for money up front to read,Continue reading “Vanity Publishers”

Resolutions or Goals?

Every year as the year crawls to a close we begin thinking about our resolutions for the new year. A couple of years ago I found another way to do this because resolutions are like a “honey-do” list. They aren’t always kept or they get put off and put off until we finally forget allContinue reading “Resolutions or Goals?”

I LOVE … previews!

Previews are awesome! Not just because we get snippets of upcoming movings or books, but because we get an idea ahead of time on whether or not we might like it. I also happen to like sharing them because then I can get opinions, thoughts, and/or feedback ahead of time.  If you’ve read my firstContinue reading “I LOVE … previews!”