Bullying Vs Bullying

A few days ago I saw this link in my Facebook feed questioning how best to respond to bullying. It’s a debate that has gone on for years. Typically, there are two options: flight or fight. This particular article showed a video of a kid who’d chosen to fight back. See Video Here The articleContinue reading “Bullying Vs Bullying”

The Chaotic World of a Writer

The first time I saw this meme, I laughed. At least until I realized this was my life. I’ve shared pictures before of my writing area. It hasn’t changed much. It’s still a huge mess, but I can find everything. Most of the time. I kind of miss the old mess. Even if it gaveContinue reading “The Chaotic World of a Writer”

Review of “To Be A Duke”

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. What does it mean to be a Duke? When I first read the title, I expected this to be a children’s book. Imagine my surprise as I quickly realized this wasn’t geared for children at all. No illustrations and well over a hundred pages. TheContinue reading “Review of “To Be A Duke””

Pirates like Johnny Depp, oh my!

Midnight Omen by Marti Melville took a while for me to truly get involved. There were a few scenes I felt were unnecessary to tell the story, but I still liked it. This is a tale of a girl who was a witch in a past life. As a witch she gave her life toContinue reading “Pirates like Johnny Depp, oh my!”

Intimate Moment (Addicted)

SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! Do not continue unless you’re okay with a tiny spoiler. This is provided you have not yet read Punished. If you have, it isn’t much of a spoiler. I’m working on Addicted. Earlier today I started this rather intimate scene with Bella and Jeremiah. No, I’m not going to share theContinue reading “Intimate Moment (Addicted)”

Review of Tread Carefully on the Sea

When I first heard “Tread Carefully on the Sea” by David K. Bryant was about pirates, I thought of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and of pirates like Jack Sparrow. Who wouldn’t want to read a book about the pirate life if a pirate like Johnny Depp’s rendition filled the pages? While I wouldContinue reading “Review of Tread Carefully on the Sea”

Upcoming Event – August 15, 2015

Save the date! Check out the information on Facebook! Let me know if you’ll be there. I’ve got some great guest speakers scheduled. There will be some awesome door prizes! Not only will I be talking about my books, there will time for some Q&A and book signing. Plus both books and t-shirts will beContinue reading “Upcoming Event – August 15, 2015”

Winners of the Destroyed Blog Tour Giveaway!!

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you everyone who participated and entered to win. For those of you who will have items shipped, I will be contacting you by the end of the week.   • 3 Grand Prize Giveaways: Each includes books from other authors, signed copy of Destroyed, plus swag. Tracee Arftwo JennContinue reading “Winners of the Destroyed Blog Tour Giveaway!!”