The Neumarian Chronicles, Weighted Review

Upon the author’s recommendation, I read this short story/novella after the first novel in the series, “Escapement.” However, I don’t think it’s necessary. All three novels in the series are told from Semara’s point of view. “Weighted” on the other hand is told from Raeth’s. It gives an interesting tell into how the two girlsContinue reading “The Neumarian Chronicles, Weighted Review”

The Neumarian Chronicles, Escapement Review

There was so much going on with this novel when I started reading it, I had a serious overload of questions. What is this Great War? What started it? Obviously it ended badly. How did a Queen come out of it? What’s the difference between humans, Neumarians, and Katians? Aside from Katians can use technologicalContinue reading “The Neumarian Chronicles, Escapement Review”

Cover Reveals Coming Soon!

A few days ago I got an e-mail from my publisher asking my thoughts on the book covers for “Awakened” (coming out Oct 2014) and “Punished” (coming out Dec 2014). As authors our first thought is the story. Getting the story just right will be hardest thing we’ll ever have to do. Wrong! So wrong.Continue reading “Cover Reveals Coming Soon!”