Written 2013 by Bella Kynaston

Straight ahead, the ledge calls my name;

Today, tomorrow: it’s always the same.

The road shakes, yet remains unchanged;

Like the beat of an empty heart I cannot claim.

I try to escape, but I’m unable to get free;

Its hold is stronger than I would like to believe.

With every step, its grip tightens in my chest;

Until dust is all that’s left.

“What’s Left of Me”

Written 2012 by Bella Kynaston

The filth just won’t wash away;

I see what you left of me every day.

You can’t begin to imagine the pain,

Hollowness has made its claim.

A small piece of my heart still remains,

But can I still give it away?

All the trust I had is gone.

Will I ever see a new dawn?


Written 5/1/2014

The room is silent and cold;

My little slice of heaven you stole.

Only you would disagree and say

It was something I freely gave.

Tell my, why are you still here?

The pounding of your heart, so near;

Your darkness swallowing me whole

As if you have the right to maintain your hold.

I already walked through the door,

But you refuse to leave my core.

I must find a way to be free

Or forever be haunted by your memory.

God, please help me rise

And tear me from his eyes;

So, in the mirror, I will see

What remains of me.

“The Grave”

Written 2/21/2012

Dark, over-grown, iron-plated gates rusted shut

That swallows all the heads of unhinged stone;

Full of odorous, wretched, mutilated guts

Hidden beneath a layer of grime, completely alone.

Beam of light shining down on one,

As to allow a moment, which took great courage to do;

All his lies and secrets well hidden from the sun,

Not even her mother revealed that she knew.

Image, more important than a child’s life,

Now time to show the illustrious and twisted truth;

Able to walk away and leave this strife,

“Father,” she whispered. “I forgive you.”

This place shall no longer see the break of dawn,

For now, the light of life is withered and gone.

“In the Mirror”

Written 8/11/2011

Strands fried into a black hole,

Wearing false hair can take its toll.

If that doesn’t work out well

There’s another picture you can sell.

Lotions and spray to make you tan

Since effects of the sun aren’t that grand.

Still more changes that can be made

This way looks will never fade.

Just a small cut here

Will certainly make all the men leer.

So can an increase in the top size,

Doesn’t matter if it adds more to the lies.

One slice, two slices or more,

Who cares as long as you’re adored.

After all, no one likes a girl who weighs a ton,

Or whose chest can’t get the job done.

She has to be good looking in the face,

Just to keep up with the advertisement pace.

Otherwise she should be hidden away,

So that the ugly can be kept at bay.

It can all be used to hide what’s true,

So outsiders can have a prettier view

But it’s the reflection that means the most,

Doesn’t matter how many changes you host.

Being false is the only way to go wrong,

So stand up tall and strong.

Be proud of everything you are,

Self-confidence will definitely get you far.


Written 6/27/2008

Broken in two

Half and half

So much to give

Everything to lose.

One choice

Put me back together

Solid and whole

Let me come home.

Ruled by your time

My own hands

Removed from control.

Wait. Pause. Breathe.


Written 7/20/2011

There are two that represent a legion,

Out and about every day of every season

To serve, but only for one reason.

Travels to foreign lands have been made

To fight for the values that have been laid,

So that we are no longer trapped in a cage.

For the enemy has many disguises to hide behind,

He has polished up his words and lied,

In a scheme that none will find.

The truth the legion is out to spread,

To cast away the enemy with the word of God instead,

By sharing pieces of their daily bread.

Today their preservation is in the sky,

Two warriors to remind us for all time

That we have the choice to expiate the rogue line.

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