Rescate County

Rescate County, New Mexico


In case you’ve tried looking, search the map and the state of New Mexico all you want. You won’t find Rescate County or the three towns it incorporates on any map. Nautica Valley, Desemper Ridge and Amorte Cliffstone don’t exist. For the things I had planned, I decided my own town would work best. So I created Rescate County and like my characters, I gave it life.

The basic set-up is that you have downtown, which is full of a multitude of places all that are in walking distance of one another. The entire downtown can be walked in less than thirty minutes without stopping anywhere. Now, downtown is the center hub of all three towns. Each town has their own… standard.

Amorte Cliffstone consists of three and four story homes that are more forts, castles and mansions than anything else. Those with a little bit more money live and work in this area (i.e. Mike Winzer II, David and Heather Warren). Mapleton High School and Reddington Heights, a girls only school, are located here. Cliffstone Catholic Church is the town church.

naticasignThe middle class or those who are well-off with one and two story homes are more likely to live and work in Nautica Valley (i.e. Bella Kynaston, Jeremiah and Amanda Detrone). This happens to be the largest of the three towns. Both the police station and juvenile detention center are located here. Jackson Heights is the primary high school and their local church is UC Baptist.

Lastly, there is Desemper Ridge. It’s an area of poverty and high crime. A place where a person’s house can be behind a convenience store (i.e. Cristobal and Gervasio Rodriguez). Things look a little more run-down. Blanding Wood is the high school in their part of town with Desemper Fellowship as the local church. Factories and abandoned warehouses can be found in this area.

As each new book in the series comes out, a little bit more will be revealed about each part of Rescate County.


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