The Neumarian Chronicles, Pendulum Review

After “Escapement” I was eager to see where the story went from there. Semara, Raeth, and Ryder have accomplished their first mission. Now they have to get to the land location of the ENR and stay alive. Unfortunately, that becomes easier said than done. Not only do they have to avoid the Queen’s scout ships,Continue reading “The Neumarian Chronicles, Pendulum Review”

The Neumarian Chronicles, Weighted Review

Upon the author’s recommendation, I read this short story/novella after the first novel in the series, “Escapement.” However, I don’t think it’s necessary. All three novels in the series are told from Semara’s point of view. “Weighted” on the other hand is told from Raeth’s. It gives an interesting tell into how the two girlsContinue reading “The Neumarian Chronicles, Weighted Review”