Excerpt from “The 13: Tales of Macabre”

MacabreCoverI promised you another excerpt. As we move away from Halloween and leave all of the costumes, candy, and trick or treating behind … I figured what better way to end than with clowns. 

No, not the Ronald McDonald or Bozo kind, but more like the IT kind. On a side note, who can’t wait for the second chapter? This girl!

Back to business. Now, this is going to be short, but it’ll be anything but sweet. Who’s ready to jump in?

Here’s a sneak peek at Send in the Clowns.

“He’s not responding.”

Kay’s hand trembled. “Claire, what’s wrong with Mike?”

“Are you family?”

“I am his fiancee.” Exasperation made her words sharper than she intended them to be.

“I see. All I can tell you at this moment is that they are taking him to Mercy Hospital. I’m sorry I can’t tell you more.” Claire’s voice started to fade.

“Wait! Who is taking him to Mercy?”

The 13 Macabre Clowns
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Claire laughed. Cold fingers walked up Kay’s spine. “The clowns. They sent in the clowns.”

“The clowns? Why would they send clowns?” Kay’s free hand clutched her heart. She looked at the jewelry box, the dancer still turning, the music still flowing.

“Clowns? Who said clowns? I said the EMTs. Someone called an ambulance. I only picked up the phone because it was ringing and thought whoever was on the line should know.”

Kay’s chest heaved in relief. She paused long enough to catch her breath. “Thank you. Please let them know I’ll meet them there.” She didn’t wait for a response before she hung up again. She snatched her keys from the hook by her door and ran to her car, the jewelry box in her hand. She tossed the box onto the passenger seat, swallowed the lump in her throat, and swiped at her eyes. Oh Mike! What happened to you?

Excerpt from “The 13 Tales of Macabre”


It has been nearly a month since my last post. I’ve been super, super busy, but I promise I’ve got some nice treats for you this week. I’ll even be sharing some exciting previews in my upcoming newsletter.

This week I’ve got a couple of excerpts from promising tales of horror. We’re going to take a peek at a few of “The 13: Tales of Macabre” by Stephanie Ayers.

Are you ready to get your scare on?

From Off to Never Neverland.

I eye the child again, suspended in the air. She’s waiting. She has not crossed the threshold yet. The Sandman has yet to claim her. There’s still time.

“Take me instead!”

Laughter answers my plea. “You cannot take her place. No one can. She was mine long before she existed.”

Care for her intrudes a silent plea from the black depths. “I care for her. I will take her place. I am ready.” I tremble, but my voice holds firm. I am not ready, but how do you prepare for Death in the first place? “You’ve had me longer.”

“I’ll have you both. This you do not understand. You cannot take her place. Your place here is already determined as is hers.”

The 13 Macabre_ Never Never
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“Then take me first. Let her live.” Pressure against my windpipe chokes me. I swallow my words. The pressure eases, and I breathe once more.

“It’s not your time. You must finish your journey. You’ve yet to reach Never Neverland.” This comes softly, remorsefully.

“My journey? Is it not enough I am always here?”


The stench fades. The child disappears. I am alone in the darkness. A light appears in the far distance, an invitation I refuse to accept. I turn my back to the light and walk in the opposite direction. Something squishes beneath my feet, but I cannot see. I step aside only to smash something else.

“Please stop.”

No one stands before me.

“Look down.”

Nothing. I close my eyes and wait for them to adjust.

“Please don’t step on me.”